Woodhouse Reef

Woodhouse Reef is the longest of the Tiran reefs at just over 0.8 of a mile long.  This offers the perfect opportunity for a long drift dive form about halfway along the reef to the northern end.  Essentially a stunning wall dive, Woodhouse usually has great visibility allowing the diver to see huge distances allowing great views of the towering wall above and across the plateau into the depths.  It’s a good site for spotting sharks, White Tips and Grey Reef Sharks skulking across the wide plateau at depth.
The first part of the dive crosses a canyon splitting the main reef from a small satellite reef where you can hang out looking over the edge at the Jackfish and tuna passing bay.  On the top of the satellite is a very bright Red Anemone a good waymarker.  Carry on the dive following the reef wall until the plateau shallows up at about 15 metre bringing you onto a lovely area of sand and small pinnacles.  Look amongst the hard corals for small crabs and shrimps whilst on your safety stop.