Thomas Reef

Thomas reef is the smallest of the Tiran Reefs but one of the best know because of it’s spectacularly deep canyon which is a favourite with Technical Divers.  Recreational divers can marvel as they drift across the top of the huge rift running parallel with the reef which starts at around 35 metres and sinks down into the depths.
The dive starts off across a deep plateau at about 25 metres which is crossed with swathes of large gorgonian fans, whip corals and colourful soft corals.  Look down into the impressive canyon and gradually make your way up the reef wall where the colours of the sot and hard corals are astonishing.  If the currents allow, the dive can take you down to northern end of the reef where you will find a number of atmospheric overhangs and small caves.  In this are it’s always worth keeping an eye out for sharks passing between Thomas and it’s neighbouring reef.