Shark and Yolanda Reefs


The most famous of the National Park’s dive sites is Shark and Yolanda Reef. Here, the variety of the Parks dive sites are combined to create a dive that is hard to beat. Shark Reef is a wall that drops 800m, with crystal blue water that, during the height of summer, fill with thousands of schooling Snapper and Barracuda, which are hunted by marauding Sharks. It sits on the tip of the Sinai next to Yolanda Reef, which takes its name from a ship that hit the reef and sank in the early ‘80s. Around the outer edge of Yolanda is a beautiful coral garden full of vibrant soft corals and thousands of Anthia. To the west of Yolanda, in the shallows, is what remains of the shipwreck which slid further into the deep after sinking. Linking Shark and Yolanda together is a sandy slope, which runs up from the depths onto a shallow plateau between the two reefs and the shore.