Ras Ghozlani


RAs Ghozlani is one of the first dive sites as you enter the Ras Mohammed National Park. It’s set on the edge of a headland at the entrance to Marsa Bareika Bay. This dive site is suitable for all levels of divers.


This is always done as a drift dive with the boat dropping you of at a sandy bowl or canyon. Depending on the direction of the current, you can then drift either way. Sometimes the current is gentle, especially good for photographers  — but if the current is strong you can just glide along and watch the show.


The fringing reef goes from the surface to about 12 metre where you find a sandy plateau. This is adorned with amazingly shaped hard coral formations, until it meets the drop off at about 25 metres.  A great site for spotting larger marine life in the blue as well as hunting those hard to find  critters. Look out for octopus or the Big Horned Nembrotha nudibranch with its go-faster stripes.


This site is often dived as either the first or last dive of the day. Firstly, dive here in the morning and the sun is shining directly onto the reef highlighting the colourful corals. Secondly, dive it in the afternoon and it’s more atmospheric with rays of sun coming from behind the reef. Nevertheless, no matter what the time of day it’s always full of reef fish.