Jack Fish Alley


Located in Ras Mohamed National Park Jack Fish Alley takes it’s name from two different features. These are the wide sandy alley that runs through the middle of this site and frequent large Jacks as visitors. You may see big barracuda at one of the many pinnacles getting cleaned by the resident cleaner wrasse. Sometimes there is a shark or a large feathertail ray asleep on the bottom of the alley.

The dive starts with a swim through a small cave exiting onto a steep wall.  The cave on Jack Fish Alley is actually a large crack in the reef plate allowing the suns rays to filter through. It can make for a dramatic photograph at anytime of day.

Follow the wall around over a sandy plateau to a pinnacle at about 20 meters housing a variety of cleaner shrimp. After this you make your way onto the satellite reef. Here you may encounter large turtles and eagle Rays .

Crossing the alley back on to the main reef at the end of the dive brings you to a fringing reef abundant with hard corals. The colours in the shallows are vibrant, especially with the diverse  array of  reef fish .