Gordon Reef


There is no mistaking Gordon Reef, the most southerly of the Tiran reefs because on the western side sits the remains of the ship Louilla which hit the reef in 1981 and remains on top of the reef today.  Diving on this lovely reef generally takes place on the eastern side starting on a gorgeous sandy plateau heading off to the drop off at about 25 metres where you will want to watch out for passing eagle rays and sometimes Mantas.
Head back across the plateau and you will come across an unusual underwater feature, many metal barrels dropped from a ship now make hundreds of mini artificial reefs providing homes for octopus, morays, sting rays and nudibranchs.  Further along the plateau the sandy bottom is home to large Feather Tail Rays, giant Puffer Fish, Clown Fish, shy Garden Eels and picturesque coral pinnacles.