Eel Garden and Shark Observatory


Located in Ras Mohamed National Park, Eel Garden and Shark Observatory are two dive that sites can be done separately or together.  A huge sandy slope bigger than a couple of football pitches greets you as you descend. Starting at about 3 meters and dropping into the depths, it’s home to thousands of Garden Eels. While they disappear into the sand as you approach — if you go slowly enough you will be rewarded with a close-up view of these shy creatures. 

 Follow the colourful reef wall along towards the headland of Shark Observatory.   Keep your eyes open in the blue for large tuna or a reef shark below you — or maybe an occasional eagle ray. If you are fortunate a manta might glide past.  There is a also strong possibility you’ll bump into a few large (but friendly) Napoleon Wrasse.

On the coral-encrusted reef wall, marvel at the substantial gorgonian fans.  These are home to elusive long-nosed hawkfish hiding in them. Look for nudibranchs and starfish clinging to the steep sides or clown fish protecting their anemones. 

End the dive in a small cave just before your safety stop with a curious rock formation — the light patterns from the crevasses above  give the appearance of an ancient altar. This is also a good place to find clown fish hanging out in their anemones, or a turtle cruising by.