Dunraven Wreck


The wreck of the merchant ship Dunraven, lies at Sha’ab Mahmud about 2.5 hours journey from Travco Jetty.  This mixed propulsion (steam and sail) ship hit the reef in 1876 and subsequently caught fire and sunk to where it now lies at a depth between 15 – 30 metres.  Many stories surround the reasons behind the sinking and also lots of speculation about what she was carrying – some talk of gold and others of a connection with Lawrence of Arabia.  What we do know for sure is this is a great wreck for divers.  Resting upside-down, it is possible to swim around the wreck through the enormous propeller and rudder gear and into the hull of the ship past the giant boilers (listen carefully and you might still hear the engines!).  Once you have exited you will be rewarded with a fabulous reef where huge schools of yellow goatfish, fusiliers and snapper gather and where you will almost certainly come across one or two of the heavily camouflagued stonefish and scorpion fish that live on the reef.