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Here are some of the comments we have received from previous guests:

Have just got back from a week on a liveaboard but prior to that we had the most awesome week in Sharm at Oonas!! A big thanks to all the crew, guides and fab team back at the centre that helped to make our week so smooth, fun & hassle free - one of the best week's diving I've had in a long time!! Loved the way you supported Duxy's photography workshop during a particularly potentially difficult period - the football!!! Was a great group and we really did have a fun week!! Looking forward to coming back ASAP!! SH June 2012

Hey lovely desert divers!!!
Had great time with you guys :)
Miss you already.
See you soon!  SB June 2012

Back in Switzerland.... Thanks for this 10 days!!! Hope to see you soon SA June 2012

Genuine thanks to everyone ay Oonas for another great holiday last week - you guys always make me feel so at home SG June 2012

You really have to start listening to me when I suggest that you might just want to go someplace special! Go see my friends at Oonas Dive Club JS June 2012

Helas, the Dutchies are back in Belgium in the cold and the rain after another wonderful week of diving. Again many, many thanks to Bea for her nice and humorfull guiding last week ADV June 2012

Back in Switzerland withe the rain. Thanks for this week at the Oonas Dive Club Staff and see you in November. FVW June 2012

Dear Oonas Dive Club team, thank you for your warm welcome and hospitality! We spent great time in Sharm with Rico and you!!! And now we are dreaming about your amazing and full of surprizes housereef! IS May 2012

Hi guys, had a excellent time diving with you and enjoyed finishing my advanced open water, big thanx to the team and cant wait to get back down their DC April 2012

Back to work now after spending another fantastic week diving with you guys, a big thanks to Amy who was our DL on the Thistlegorm (again!, becoming a habit) :o) just love that wreck , Pete and Kev thanks to you all and hope to see you all real soon KM April 2012

Hey guys I really enjoyed my week staying with you and the dive experience. Can't wait to come back and do my open water and advance dive course. PS thanks for the Birthday cake  SW April 2012

Had an amazing week at the dive club, been brilliant! Big thank you to all the team who have made this an enjoyable and amazing break away with my family, such a friendly atmosphere and brilliant diving, given me the diving bug and can't wait to get booked to come back and get under the water again!  WW March 2012

Well, again a great hollieday at Oonas Divers again after 4 years of absence HB March 2012

Well sad to be back in London after a great three weeks diving with you guys again (well great for me - I'm sure that the guides are glad to see the back of me!). It was great to see several people that I dived with last time back again - proving what a top place Oonas is! NC March 2012

Thanks for the lovely stay and terrific diving! CT March 2012

Arrived home yesterday after a wonderful week, absolutely devistated I am not waking up in my room tomorrow, thank you to everyone at oonas who made my week excellent. SK March 2012

As always it was such a lovely time diving with you.. Many thanks to Bea and Peter for being such wonderful guides.. Already looking forward to my next trip out there FLM March 2012

Would just like to say a big THANK YOU for a great time diving with you, hope to see you all again in September RS March 2012

had a fabulous time :D You guys were not only great hosts, but amazing guides. see you soon SBC Feb 2012

Really enjoyed my week's diving with Oonas. Great organization! I found the crew of President III very helpful and Pete and Bea knowledgeable and friendly guides. I hope to be back before too long. Thank you all for making this such a memorable dive trip for me. BA Feb 2012

Would just like to say a huge thank you to the Oonas 'family' for making my stay such an enjoyable one! The staff have been fabulous, the dive quides/instructors and staff are amazing and te boat crews are briliant!  TP Jan 2012

Had an excellent Christmas holiday with Oonas Dive Club, and look forward to diving with them again soon. Thanks to Bea, Jonathon, Kevin and Sarah as well as the crews of the Hooligan and Obi Wan PC Jan 2012

Thanks you at all of the people in the Oonas for this wonderful diving week!! FW Nov 2011

Thank you to everyone at Oonas for yet another amazing holiday. You guys rock! :-) LC Nov 2011


Thanks for last week of diving! I had a great time and I now have my advanced padi certificate woohoo! See you soon RO Nov 2011

Thanks at all the team for these 10 days diving. It was wonderful! Specially thanks Anne and Keith for my open water cours. See you soon!!!! SA Oct 2011

Leaving Oonas Dive Club we would like to thank everyone at Oonas, in particular Amy, Ann, Kev for bring fantastic instructors and Keith and Becka the superb DMT's! Thank you so much! WB Oct 2011

Thanks for a fantastic week, Whale Shark (Hooligan Gang), Manta (even though I was one of the few on the dive to miss it), Dolphins doing head stands and Rachel completing her AOW. On top of all this, your hospitality. Hope to see you all again next year! PW June 2010 

Just got back from our trip to Sharm. Thank you to all you guys at Oonas for an amazing weeks diving. Whale shark on first dive of the week, eagle rays, turtles, nearly a pod of dolphins, and ever so nearly the all important manta ray! All in all thank you again. JB June 2010

Ce fut un super séjours parmi le staff qui est extra, qui m'ont fait découvrire la plongée, et qui me l'on appris, j'ai passé dix jours fantastique et me réjouis déjà de revenir Encore un GRAND merci à Anne, Kevin, Corri et Nick YB June 2010

MERCI ANNE de nous avoir fait découvrir la plongée. DJ June 2010

Thanks for a MOST excellent time. It was well worth the long flight form Dallas. You guys delivered as usual with whale sharks and mantas. Johan is the difference maker at Oonas. DP June 2010

Thanks to all at Oonas for a great week, particular thanks to Johan for getting us through our rescue and making it fun and Corri and Amy for making my birthday a great laugh, never thought I'd jump from the top of Hooligan! See you all soon for the Divemaster IR June 2010

Just want to say a HUGE thanks to everyone at Oonas for all the support I have been given as I've journeyed from my Rescue Course to where I am today. To Corrie, Kev, Matt, Nick, Amy, Mauritza and Johan for all their advice in showing me the way, to all the guests who have come and gone (you know who you are), giving m... words of encouragement and moral support AND finally a very SPECIAL THANK YOU to Terry, the Dive God, who has been a wonderful mentor and friend.....I couldn't have done it without you!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! CR June 2010 

Just a quick note to thank you all for yet another great holiday, all arrangements went like clockwork, room and service great, and - as usual - we really enjoyed the diving. MJN June 2010

Thanks once again to all at Oonas Dive Club for such an enjoyable and relaxing trip. JE June 2010

Thank you very much for a wonderful week at Oonas. Special thanks to Mauritza, Nick Brown, Corri, Terry (for amazing Manta show), Johann (Frogkick lesson:-) All of you showed me a new world. You gave me a lot of fantastic new friends. I love you all and see you for another happy time in August....JU May 2010

Would like to thank all at Oonas for another wonderful week of diving, thanks to all the Dive staff who are amazing and make you feel at home. And not forgetting to mention the boat crews on Hooligan and Obiwan. These guys are absolutly fantastic, they are there for you doing what ever and making your dive experience a memorable one.  The crew and staff make Oonas what it is today, one of the best dive clubs in Sharm.  A five star club that exceeds your own expectations.  CW May 2010

Another great week with you, and thanks to all who made my 300th such a special dive - particularly Corri and Nick for the admin, Catherine for the pace (she knows why), and Ilaria for the record. SC May 2010

What can i say ? once again a brilliant time was had .Only 8 weeks till im back again , big thanks to the dive god and fins or providing quality entertainment throughout not forgetting the others johan, corrie n maritsa see you all soooooonnnnn JT May 2010

Thanks again to all the staff who always make us feel welcome Corri Nick and also Terry and Divina & Cath for a...Brill time the force is defiantly strong with Obiwan PC May 2010

Thanks for the great experience, and particular with introducing my kids to diving! AH April 2010

Had a AWESOME time at OONAS for the week. Cant wait to come back!! TD March 2010

Thanks for a wonderful time in Sharm! The best total dive experience of my life DV March 2010

Have been diving with Oonas this week.. Fantastic people and so friendly.. I've had an incredible time.. Very happy.. Thank you! FM Feb 2010

Big thanks to guides Mike and Amy for a great week on president 3 - the best boat/crew in Sharm MS Feb 2010

Had a fantastic time and the dives and companionship was spectacular. A very big thank you to each one of you and hope to dive with Oonas soon and keep in touch with everyone. TM Feb 2010

I want to thank you for your professionalism. Both sides of Oonas run a top operation.  Next time I hope to go diving.   Best wishes to Corrie and Moritza! AB Jan 2009

Just wanted to say thanks for a great weeks diving while we were with you with divemaster scuba, special thanks go to Mike and Amy who were absolutely brilliant dive guides and companions for the whole week DW Feb 2010

On the three days diving i hooked up with an amazing bunch as usual,one of the reasons i return every year (oonas rocks!! ) LJ Dec 2009

A BIG thank you to everyone at Oonas to make our few days diving with you so enjoyable! Already counting the days until next summer until we can come back. LB -  Nov 2009

What a pleasure it was to meet you guys! You have a wonderful team there Nick & Corri, a real credit to you. Thanks for making us SO welcome, can't wait to come back again! LL -  Nov 2009

Thanks guys & gals for making my first time away alone one to remember will def not leave it 10yrs next time.....wish you all the best and hopefully see you sometime sooooon for my advanced. RP - Nov 2009

We were very impressed with your set up. Very friendly staff, good gear,great information, excellent instruction. We all commented how fantastic we thought Mauritza was, she is a great asset to your team, so enthusiastic and professional in all she does. We were taken to some great dive sites on your smashing boat, our lunches were quite amazing. RB Nov 2009

We just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone for a great week. We had an excellent time and cannot wait dive with you guys again! AT Oct 2009

I want to thank all the OONAS Staff and all of the instructors working with Oonas for another beautiful diving holiday and the unique athmosphere they manage to create besides the actual diving! I met some more amazing people this time and friends for a lifetime (i hope). Z - Oct 2009

We would like to say a big thank you to all at Oonas for giving us both such a great time with our first dive holiday.  JB Sept 2009

Thanks so much for the wonderful diving in Sharm. Pat and I will remember it fondly for a long time to come, and look forward to coming back to enjoy the excellent dive sites and the people like yourself that make traveling a pleasure. Best wishes and hope to see you again in the future. KW Aug 2009

Thanks for the incredible time I had diving with Oonas last week.  Your instructors and guides are some of the best I have had the opportunity to dive with, the accommodations, food and family atmosphere were incomparable.  Please pass along special thanks to Johan, Mauritxa (sorry if I spelled this wrong), Anna, and Amy.  From the moment I arrived I felt like one of the regulars and one of the family, like some of the people that have been diving with you for years. MK -  July 2009

Thanks Guys (Girls) for a lovely time. Although I was only there for three nights (two days of diving) - I felt really included in what went on - part of the family. I'm back in South Africa again and already miss Sharm - especially looking at FaceBook. ME  May 2009

Just a quick email to say 'thanks a million' for a wonderful week in Sharm, which has completely recharged my batteries. The quality of the diving was way superior... and I was very impressed, once again, by your professionalism and the personalised service you provide. CT May 2008

Just to say what a fantastic time i had with u all last week, looking forward to booking another holiday with u soon!!!!!!!! u all had been so friendly with fantastic attitudes,laid back and fun to have a few sakaras with, but still doing a professional job! And just a little thank u 2 corri as she dived with us most of my holiday and helped me when i needed it and made me feel so welcome DC March 2008

Just a quick note to tell you all how much we all appreciated/enjoyed our last visit…special thank you to terry/lord farquad and big G and Corri for everyyyything…… we hardly missed that Nick chap at all(Well ok a little bit)….already planning our next trip…..please thank everyone not forgetting all the local staff………..AMAZING…….we will be back with more people!!! t thank you again for making our stay and the diving such a memorable experience. Special CL Oct 2007

Thanks to you Nick, Corri, Garry, Mark, Tim and Terry; big thanks to ALL the Egyptian staff at the Oonas Club and how can we forget the crew on Obi Wan, both the permanent crew and those covering for the temporary absences were all brilliant. Felt very safe both in and out of the water at all times. LF Oct 2007

just a short email to say thanks to you and all the staff for helping make for a great holiday, especially to Steve & Johan for three great day's of diving. RH Oct 2007

Home safely, had two great days on the boat, many thanks to Corrie, Nick, Stevie, Tim, Terry and everyone else at Oonas, also the captains and crews of Hooligan and Obi Wan for a great time. Oct 2007

Thank you all for the wonderful experience I had at Oonas. Everything I hoped for. Special thanks to Tim. PD August 2007

Hi All Just wanted to say thanks for another brilliant holiday! Really, really enjoyed it and am gutted to be back at work!! Would much rather be kitting up and jumping in! LP July 2007

Just had 7 wonderful days with Oonas. Had an absolutely great time. Achieved the wreck and nitrox spec.just a massive thankyou to all the team MS July 2007

I'm not a diver {yet} but Oonas was a haven and I loved the warmth of the people there and the place itself. I must also say that the food is great! Thanks, till next Sakarra time!  Gary March 2007

I would like to thank all of you for what was a fabulous couple of weeks. Your professional yet easy going approach and dare I say patience(!) was a real breath of fresh air; it's a shame that there aren't more people in the world that are like that! Russell Jan 2006

Just want to say a big thank you to the staff at Oonas, they made my stay in Egypt a memorable one, they introduced me to scuba diving and got my open water course certification in the process .I will be going back to stay at there dive club next year to advance my diving a stage further. GREAT CLUB GUYS . ST Nov 2006

What a wonderful time Oonas! The service I received was both professional and friendly throughout the week and made the experience most enjoyable. The boats and location are both first class leading to a fantastic diving and sociable holiday. NF April 2006

My son and I did intro dives with Oonas earlier with year. We'll definitely be back to do our Open Water Courses. JH April 2006

I did my Advanced course and had an incredible dive with the Sharks and Barracuda on Shark Reef. Thanks to the dive staff and the crew onboard Obiwan. LT April 2006

I completed my Open Water Course with Oonas and had a great time, the staff were professional and entertaining. Looking forward to returning next year. MM June 2006

Just seen this new website. We were diving with Oonas in May and had an excellent week. Thanks to all the dive staff. PH July 2006

Thanks for an excellent week of diving, I'll be back again next Easter. SD July 2006

Oonas was a great diving club and i thoroughly enjoyed my time there where i completed my Open Water Course. LC July 2006