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Photography Workshop Specials
Oonas Rico Besserdich UW Workshop Advert Image 3 compressedFollowing our extremely successful Photography Week last year, Oonas Dive Club is very pleased to offer a new range of Photography Workshops aimed at all levels of experience from beginners to those who are interested in taking their photography skills to competition level.
Our Photography Weeks take place here in Sharm El Sheikh where you will stay in our lovely hotel and spend your days on our dive boats visiting a variety of Red Sea dive sites which are ideally suited for great photo opportunities.  During the day you will be accompanied and supported by our Photography experts, who on return to the Dive Centre, will give presentations and ideas on how to get the most out of your days photography.
This year we are offering two types of workshop, one aimed at those who wish simply to build on their experience and learn more about techniques for improving their pictures including post production and those who already have experience that they wish to take to the next level.
Our experts are both world renowned Photographers, who write regularly for dive magazines, give presentations and work around the world themselves producing stunning images for publications and commissions.
If you would like to spend a week diving some of the most photogenic dive sites in the world whilst absorbing the knowledge and advice of our dedicated experts  please click on the links below for more details:
Workshop: Creative Underwater Photography for Contests and Competitionsshelly taking a photo
Expert: Rico Besserdich
in association with
Dates: 18 - 25 May 2012 and 10 - 17 November
Level: Experienced photographers
Click here for more details
Workshop: Red Sea Photography Workshop
Expert: Paul Duxfield
Dates: 9 - 16 June 2012
Level: Beginner to experienced
Click here for more details